Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Mystery We Write Blog Tour Begins on Black Friday!

Our Mystery We Write blog tour begins tomorrow! Here’s the schedule for people visiting my blog (

November 25:                                                  John M. Daniel
November 26:                                                  Pat Browning
November 27:                                                  Ron Benrey
November 28:                                                  Beth Anderson
November 29 (my birthday, by gum):             Anne K. Albert
November 30:                                                  Earl Staggs
December 1:                                                    Jinx Schwartz
December 2:                                                    Mike Orenduff
December 3:                                                    Marilyn Meredith
December 4:                                                    Jean Henry Mead
December 5:                                                    Jackie King
December 6:                                                    Timothy Hallinan
December 7:                                                    M. M. Gornell
December 8:                                                    Wendy Gager

And I’ll be appearing on the following people’s blogs on the following days:

November 25:                                                  Wendy Gager
November 26:                                                  M. M. Gornell
November 27:                                                  Timothy Hallinan
November 28:                                                  Jackie King
November 29 (my birthday, by gum):             Jean Henry Mead
November 30:                                                  Marilyn Meredith
December 1:                                                    Mike Orenduff
December 2:                                                    Jinx Schwartz
December 3:                                                    Earl Staggs
December 4:                                                    Anne K. Albert
December 5:                                                    Beth Anderson
December 6:                                                    Ron Benrey
December 7:                                                    Pat Browning
December 8:                                                    John M. Daniel

On December 9, we’re all going to do a recap (those of us who survive), and most of us will be picking winners of our various books! In fact, I’ll pick a couple of winners, and whoever they are can choose whatever book they want from my enormous, if unremunerative, backlist!


AnnNoE said...

Looking forwsrd to this.

Alice Duncan said...

Cool. Madeline Gornell will be on my blog on Saturday!

Caroline Clemmons said...

Look forward to the tour, Alice. Thanks for letting me know about it. Earl Staggs is one of my critique partners.

Alice Duncan said...

Oh, man, I wish Earl was one of my critique partners! Good for both of you!

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Alice,

This is a really ambitious undertaking. I'm impressed.

Alice Duncan said...

I expect we'll all be exhausted (if we survive) Jacquie! :-)

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy your writing Alice. The tour should be lots of fun.

Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D. said...

Looking forward to reading the tour posts. I love mysteries.

Alice Duncan said...

Thanks, everyone! It's kind of time-consuming, but what the heck.

pennyt said...

What a fun way to spend the time between the holidays!! Thanks!

Alice Duncan said...

It is fun, Penny. Wish I didn't have to work; I could spend all day reading everybody's blogs.

kimmyl said...

This is more fun than rushing through the crowds at the mall.

Alice Duncan said...

Almost anything's more fun than rushing through the crowds at the mall, Kimmy!

Sheila Deeth said...

Time to catch up.

Alice Duncan said...

So many blogs; so little time, Sheila!