Monday, September 30, 2019

October 2019
Oh, boy! Not only does Mercedes Louise Allcutt’s first adventure, LOST AMONG THE ANGELS, come out in October (October 8, if Amazon is to be believed), but my grandson and his family will visit me the first week in October! Yippee! Haven’t seen them since around Christmas time in 2013. My great-grandchildren, Andrew and Kasumi, have grown a trifle since then.
After their visit, Daigoro (grandson, who is in the army and has been for what seems like forever) will be deployed for a year. He’s at Fort Bliss in El Paso at the moment, and then he’ll fly far, far away. And be safe, god willin’ and the crick don’t rise.
This is actually the second time LOST AMONG THE ANGELS has been published. Five Star published it first, and now ePW is having a go at it. Love the new covers for the Mercy books:
I’ll probably have the year’s last surgery in October, too. Not quite as excited about the surgery as I am aout seeing my family and a book being republished, but at least my year of living surgically will be over. Who knows what 2020 will bring besides a census, a lot of dogs, trying new recipes, remaking oldies and goodies, and writing several books (I hope). The latest x-rays of my various replaced body parts revealed that my right hip is no longer being assisted by cartilage in carting me around, so it’ll have to be replaced sometime or other, but I’m going to wait until it starts to hurt to deal with it. Pretty soon I’ll be made of metal. I don’t, however, feel the least bit bionic.
Daisy Gumm Majesty’s next adventure (I think it’s #15) will be published in December of this year. Wish I had the cover art; I’d show it to you. I can, however, give you the Amazon Kindle link if you’d like to pre-order it. Not that I’m greedy or anything, but it would be nice to make a living. Gotta keep the hounds, semi-hound, Chihuahua and mixed terriorist in kibble after all:

By the way, in case you ever wondered about my fur herd, here they are. This is from Christmas in 2018:
Jazzy (the Beautiful Blue Wiener and Queen of all She Surveys) is sniffing my shoulder; Scrappy (the Chihuahua) is looking to escape; Bam-Bam, my winner-picking wiener dog, is appalled that I actually picked him up (he spent his first couple of years in a puppy mill and has never quite recovered); Cookie, the mixed terriorist, is checking out Scrappy’s ear to see if she needs to take a bite out the one she hasn’t already nibbled; and Bella-the-Biter (semi-wiener), with whom I have deep, meaningful conversations from time to time, just looks kind of confused. I also taught Bella to high-five. First dog I’ve taught a trick to since I was in the fifth grade or thereabouts. Most of the dogs who have lived with me have taught me tricks. Oh, and that’s me in the background. In other words, life as usual, but I still need to feed the herd! So buy a book or two, 'kay? Thank you.
I apologize profusely for not getting in touch with all the people who won copies of the audio edition of DARK SPIRITS, narrated by Denice Stradling, who makes a great Daisy. She’s working on SPIRITS ONSTAGE now. I love that book (ONSTAGE, I mean. I was appalled by Daisy’s bratty behavior in DARK SPIRITS, truth to tell). I will attempt to justify my procrastination soon. Haven’t been feeling tippy-toppy recently. I’ll get over it, whatever it is. Or I won’t. And then all my troubles will be over! I think there’s an old spiritual with a similar title. Hmmm. Must look it up. Aha! Found it. Peter, Paul and Mary dug it up out of the gospel-spiritual heap and recorded it during the hectic 1960s-1970s:
Um, I’ll probably give away a couple of copies of LOST AMONG THE ANGELS at the end of October, because… well, why not? If you’d like to be entered into my giveaway for October, please send me an email at, and I’ll toss your name into Bam-Bam’s special doggie dish. Bam-Bam will select wieners at the end of October.
Anything else? Well, there’s always Daisy Daze. I love Daisy Daze. Iris Evans and Leon Fundenberger founded the DAISY DAZE Facebook page. On this page, people post all sorts of historical stuff about Pasadena, sewing machines, automobiles, buildings, fashions from the 1920s, houses in which the people in the books might live, stars of the silent screen, and lots and lots of other historical (1920s-era) stuff. It’s fun, and if you’d like to be a member, check it out here: .
If you’d like to visit my web page, here’s the link: . If you’d like to be Facebook friends, please go here:

And I think that’s it. Thank you.



Bea Tifton said...

My father was a defense contractor and he spent many years at White Sands. So glad you are re-releasing the Mercy books and looking forward to the next Daisy.

Alice Duncan said...

It's an interesting place, isn't it? Thanks, Bea! I'm happy about re-releasing the Mercy books, too. Of course, this means I'll have to write more of them, but I'll struggle along, I reckon :-)