Saturday, June 30, 2012


June was a mega-fun month, mainly because I got to visit California, go to my daughter’s wedding, and then house- and dog-sit for her and her new hubby while they went on their honeymoon. Not only that, but I got to see all my old California buddies. Well, not quite all of them, but as many as I could fit in during the daylight hours, since I can’t drive at night, thanks to the huge honking cataract in my left eye, the result of detached-retina surgery. I’m hoping like heck the cataract will be gone by the end of July or early August. It’ll be really nice to be able to see again. Here are some pictures of the bride and groom, Robin and Gilbert:

 I also decided to Kindle-ize (and Nook-ize and Sony-ize) a book I’d totally forgotten about when I was putting my back list in digital format. HEAVEN SENT is a sugary-sweet historical romance novel set in the late 1800s in Northern California. It even has my mother’s old cat, Monster, in it. Neither Mom nor Monster are with us anymore, but the book’s still around. A very dear friend, Norah Wilson, in New Brunswick, Canada, scanned it for me. She’s a total sweetheart. She scanned a whole bunch of my old books for which I no longer had usable disks or whatever. Now all I have to do is go through the manuscript and put back in the formatting, paragraphs, etc., since scanning removes EVERYTHING. Boring, but I’ll get it done. Then I went to Melissa Alvarez’s cover design site ( and found a beautiful cover for the book:

ANGELS OF MERCY, Mercy Allcutt’s fourth adventure tackling crime in the big city of Los Angeles in 1926, will be released in July. It’ll be available in trade paperback, Kindle, Nook and all other e-book formats. I’ll post a special announcement when the book is available.

And I got a new foster dachshunds a few days ago. She’s an adorable five-year-old beauty named Freckles (because she’s dappled). Here’s Freckles. Please send good wishes that we can find her a wonderful Forever Home!

During July, all I have to do is work and go to doctor appointments in Albuquerque. Wheee! Life is so darned fun sometimes, I can hardly stand it.