Saturday, November 30, 2019

December 2019

Good grief, another year is nearly over. How’d that happen so fast? How come, too, the older you get, the faster time flies? It isn’t fair, dang it.

However, the year hasn’t been a total loss. I got one new body part (shoulder) and had two other surgeries. Well, one of them will happen the same day my next Daisy book will be published, December 3. Therefore, since I’ll be in the hospital undergoing pain and woe, I think everyone should be a bunch of sympathy copies for friends and relations! Sound reasoning, right? Here’s the Amazon Kindle Link:
My nice publisher, ePublishing Works, is also republishing all my Mercy Allcutt books, which I think is mighty nice of them. This is especially true since they’re giving them absolutely beautiful new covers, and it tells you right on the cover which book in the series it is. If you click on this link and scroll down the page, you discover where to get all the Mercy books (and the Daisy books, for that matter, although SCARLET SPIRITS isn’t up there yet):

Have been attending physical therapy for my shoulder and feeling nominally better, considering I’m older than dirt and honestly think I’ve lived plenty long enough already. Not sure what to do about that, so guess I’ll just keep chugging along.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Thanks to the photo below, which my younger daughter, Robin, sent me, I’ve decided I’m spending next Thanksgiving at Robin and Gilbert’s house in California. Since I had surgeries all year long, I didn’t even get to visit California once this year. I love visiting my family and friends in California, ding-bust-it! Anyway, if Robin and Gilbert don’t want me to visit next Thanksgiving, too darned bad. Robin shouldn’t have sent me this photo, huh?
My winner-picking wiener dog, Bam-Bam, who is getting really gray around the gills (I hate it when my precious hounds begin showing signs of old age; because it’s so difficult to lose them) selected wieners of November’s book-giveaway. The following folks will receive copies of ANGELS FLIGHT after I’ve recovered enough from my next surgery to get to the post office:

Melodee Joswiak
Annette Butler
Mary Roraff

And, because he’s my favorite hound, here’s a picture of Bam-Bam himself:

At the end of December, I’ll be giving away copies of SCARLET SPIRITS, so if you’d like to chance winning a copy, please send me your name and home address at If you’d prefer an e-copy, please let me know which kind of device you use. Thank you!

If you enjoy the Daisy and Mercy books, or if you’re just fascinated by the 1920s (as I am), please feel free to join Daisy Daze. I love Daisy Daze. Iris Evans and Leon Fundenberger founded the DAISY DAZE Facebook page. On this page, people post all sorts of historical stuff about Pasadena, sewing machines, automobiles, buildings, fashions from the 1920s, houses in which the people in the books might live, stars of the silent screen, and lots and lots of other historical (1920s-era) stuff. It’s fun, and if you’d like to be a member, check it out here: .

If you’d like to visit my web page (which I probably ought to update), here’s the link: . If you’d like to be Facebook friends, please go here:
That’s it. Thank you. See you next year!