Thursday, October 31, 2013

How’d it Get to be November Already???
Life is positively flying past, and I don’t approve. Life doesn’t seem to care if I approve or not, so I guess it will continue to fly. Sigh.

However, there are two or three interesting bookly things going on in my world. First, ANGEL’S FLIGHT is now a certified audiobook, read by Darlene Allen, and I’ll be giving away copies in this month’s contest. Here’s the cover and the link in case you want to buy it rather than wait until the end of November to find out if you won a copy:


Also, I received a box and a half of ARCs (advanced reading copies) for SPIRITS REVIVED, Daisy Gumm Majesty’s seventh adventure, and I’ll be giving some of those away, too, at the end of the month in my contest. Here’s the cover:

And there’s yet another audiobook in the works! CACTUS FLOWER, an historical romance novel that always makes me laugh (so be warned) will be released in audiobook format soon. My old buddy Jim Hull narrates this one.

Other than that, life is still full of dogs, although it’s not as full as it used to be, thank HEAVEN. My three foster wiener dogs are now in Albuquerque, awaiting the New Mexico Dachshund Rescue Adoptathon, which will be held on November 9, at the Petco on San Mateo. So if you want to be a good guy (or gal) and adopt a used dachshund, be sure to stop by. I’m planning to be there. It will be nice to get out of Roswell and in a real city! And it’ll be good for the dachshunds in our care, too. Here’s the full skinny:

And that’s about it from here. If you’d like to enter my November contest, during which I’ll be giving away free copies of ANGEL’S FLIGHT, the audiobook, and free copies of the SPIRITS REVIVED ARC, please send me an email with your name and home address. Let me know if you want the audiobook or the ARC. Send it to me at and I’ll throw your name into one of two special contest doggie dishes. Then, on November 30, Bam-Bam will draw names from both bowls, and the winners will either be sent a coupon for the audiobook (via email) or an ARC (at their home address). You can read about both books on my web site: .

Gee, I think that sounds more complicated than it actually is. Oh, well. Thank you!