Monday, February 25, 2013

New Books Available in March 2013!

Good Lord, another month’s come and gone. I guess time flies whether you’re having fun or not. Doesn’t seem fair somehow.

However, March will be an interesting month for me (note I didn’t say a “good” month. Sigh). PECOS VALLEY DIAMOND, book #1 in my Pecos Valley cozy historical mystery series and my very first audiobook, is now available from and and for your iPod! This is actually exciting news for me, since I listen almost exclusively to audiobooks because hideous arthritis now prevents me from reading paperbacks at all, and hardbacks only occasionally. Bummer, but at least there are audiobooks now. Not enough of them, but they’re out there. Somewhere. Here’s the cover and links to where you can buy it. It would be really swell if someone other than I would buy the thing, y’know? Not that I’m expecting miracles or anything, but . . . well, never mind.

And you can buy PECOS VALLEY DIAMOND for your iPod, but I guess you have to do it through Audible or Amazon.

Also, this month PECOS VALLEY RAINBOW, book #3 in my Pecos Valley cozy historical mystery series, will be published by Five Star/Cengage. Here’s the book cover and purchasing information.

Also, Five Star has told me they want to publish ANGELS REVIVED, book #7 in my Daisy Gumm Majesty series, although they haven't communicated since the week before last, so I'm not sure if that's a cruel joke or not. I hope it's for real.

Other than that, life is as boring as ever, although I have a beautiful foster-wiener dog. In fact, I’d keep him (his name is Bruce, but that’s not his fault) if I didn’t already have entirely too many dogs. Here’s Bruce. He reminds me very much of my very first dachshund, Hansel Schnitzel Fritzel von Poncho Poo Puddle Monsieur von Puppy Stink Duncan, who was the love of my life from fourth grade on up. He’ll probably be snapped up instantly when New Mexico Dachshund Rescue has its adoption event in Albuquerque on March 9. Sigh.

If you’re interested in reading PECOS VALLEY RAINBOW and don’t feel like buying it (an event that happens quite frequently in my life), please feel free to enter my contest. Send me your name and home address to, and I’ll put your name into my special contest doggie dish, from which Bam-Bam, another black-and-tan wiener dog (although a rather strange one, due to his having been crated at a puppy mill in Big Spring, Texas, for his first two years) will slurp up three wieners—I mean winners—at the end of the month. And then I’ll send out both February’s and March’s books to the winners of February’s and March’s contest. Sorry I haven’t sent February’s books yet. I haven’t felt well for most of February.

And please visit my updated web site: (where you can read the first chapters of almost all of my zillion and three books) and my Facebook page: where I mostly post funny dog pictures, because I’m afraid people will hate me if I post anything political.

Thank you!