Monday, December 5, 2011

So Happy Jackie King is Joining Me Today!

Thanks Alice, for hosting me on this 11th day of our Holiday Blog Tour. And thanks to each of your readers for taking a break from their holiday shopping to travel with us on our big cyber-bus. Remember Readers, make comments on each of our blogsites. This group is giving away over 50 books total, either during the tour or immediately afterwards. I’m giving a signed copy of my cozy mystery THE INCONVENIENT CORPSE and a signed copy of THE FOXY HENS AND MURDER MOST FOWL. Names will be drawn by random from those who take time to leave a comment.

I thought it might be a nice change for our readers to have another writer’s opinion of THE INCONVENIENT CORPSE:

Review by Pat Browning

The Inconvenient Corpse
By Jackie King
Deadly Niche Press 2009
The Inconvenient Corpse

Grace Cassidy asks herself: “How did a native Okie end up alone in a Northern California town with some stranger’s corpse on her bed and a dead cell phone in her Louis-Vuitton purse?”

How, indeed? Grace was minding her own business, took a long walk on the beach to ponder her husband’s infidelity, returned to her room in a Victorian inn to find a naked dead man on her bed.

The police are called. The guests are herded into a sitting room for questioning. An unpleasant sergeant named Sam Harper badgers Grace, doubting her story that she didn’t even know the dead man. Will Grace and Harper prove the old saying that opposites attract?

Life piles it on, but Grace practices what her Mama preached: “When your heart’s the heaviest, put on a little extra rouge.”

So what if there’s a snarky cop on her case? So what if her cheating, soon-to-be-ex-husband doesn’t care enough to return her panicky phone call? So what if the owner of Wimberly Place blames her for disturbing the inn’s peace and quiet by finding a dead body on her bed?

 Grace is flat broke and deeply in debt but lucks out as a temporary inn sitter so the owner’s wife can take a planned vacation. The job is hard work but serves two purposes: it keeps Grace off the streets and makes a handy location for investigating the first murder and a second that occurs shortly thereafter.

Grace is a likeable and resourceful protagonist. The guests and employees at the inn are a colorful lot, each with secrets that might cast them as murder suspects. Grace befriends them all and they become almost like a family, making it hard to believe that one of them is really guilty of murder.

She's such a good cook that the way to Sam Harper's heart does seem to be through his stomach. After a few good breakfasts he's treating her with respect. I should warn you: Sam Harper isn't the only one who falls under Grace's spell. I kept raiding the refrigerator all the way through the book.

This is a delightful book, with a thoroughly satisfying twist at the end.

Pat Browning

ABSINTHE OF MALICE, a study in small town secrets

Thanks again, Alice for being such a gracious host, and thanks to each reader for stopping by. Be sure and leave a comment so your name will be in the hat to win a signed copy of THE INCONVENIENT CORPSE or a copy of STATEHOOD FOXY HENS AND MURDER MOST FOWL. My novella The Spinster, the Pig and the Orphan is one of three stories in this anthology, a historical mystery set in 1889 Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory. I’m giving away a signed copy of each book.
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Jackie King is a full time writer who sometimes teaches writing at Tulsa Community College. Her latest novel, THE INCONVENIENT CORPSE is a traditional mystery. King has also written five novellas as co-author of the Foxy Hens Series. Warm Love on Cold Streets is her latest novella and is included in the anthology THE FOXY HENS MEET A ROMANTIC ADVENTURER. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, RWI, Inc, Oklahoma Writers Federation, and Tulsa Night Writers.

If you’re interested in learning more, THE INCONVENIENT CORPSE is available at:

Blogsite: Cozy Mysteries and Other Madness:

Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as available through all bookstores. Paper trade back: $15.95.  Kindle $2.99


Alice Duncan said...

Thanks for being on my blog today, Jackie! Loved the review.

Jackie King said...

And I'm happy to be here, Alice. It's so kind of you to post the review from Pat.

Say 'Hi' to the 4-legged children.

Alice Duncan said...

My four-legged critters are feaked out today, because we're getting SNOW!!! This is so very welcome, since we've been stuck in the worst drought in a century for the past year and more.

Jackie King said...

Alice, I'm glad you're getting snow! And maybe your furry children are just excited. Do they like to go outside when it snow? In Houston, Texas, where my sister and her family live, school is turned out if it snows.

Alice Duncan said...

I'm afraid my wieners are scared to death of it, Jackie. Except for Bam-Bam, who ventures out from time to time. This means, of course, that I have a lot of mopping-up to do. Cursed dogs :-)

Earl Staggs said...

Jackie, your books sounds like it will be absolutely captivating. I can't wait to read it.

M.M. Gornell said...

Enticing review! I'm hooked--reading, reading, reading after our tour.


Jacqueline Seewald said...

I enjoy reading reviews. Your novels sound very interesting.

Anonymous said...

The book sounds delightful & Pat's review was too.

Alice, do your dogs blame you for the snow? Our late indoor/outdoor cat, Lucky, blamed ME any time it snowed. I finally laughed that he thought I had that kind of power. He wasn't exactly afraid of it but he wasn't that fond of it.


Anne K Albert said...

A well deserved review, Jackie. Hubby thoroughly enjoyed An Inconvenient Corpse. (As you may recall he snatched my Kindle to read it. Now that I have it back, it's my turn!)

WS Gager said...

Jackie: Great review! (Kudos to Pat too.) I'm with Anne, I can't wait to get started. Wendy
W.S. Gager on Writing

Alice Duncan said...

They don't exactly blame me, Brenda, but they do look at me longingly, as if they think I should do something about it :-)

Jackie King said...

Jacqueline, I love reviews, too. And Pat Browning excels at writing them.

Thanks for stopping by. Your name goes into the hopper for a chance at winning one of the books I'm giving away at the end of this tour.

Jackie King said...

Earl and Madeline, I'm always delighted when you stop by. Thanks for leaving a comment.

Jackie King said...

BrendaW, Don't you love hearing about Alice's dogs? I'm a big fan of four-legged creatures, and am especially fond of cats. Lucky charming.

Jackie King said...

Anne and Wendy, Thanks to both of you for your kind comments about THE INCONVENIENT CORPSE. And Anne, I think I'm in love with your hubby.

Jackie King said...

Alice, Thanks again for having me on as a guest on your blogsite. And take care of those darling dogs.

Alice Duncan said...

Thanks for being here, Jackie! Can't wait to get my eyeballs on AN INCONVENIENT CORPSE!

Sheila Deeth said...

This has such a great title! Sounds a really good read.

Jackie King said...

Sheila, Thnks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, which puts your name into my drawing for a the chance at winning a book.

Glad you liked the title.