Thursday, January 31, 2013

January's Over!

Good grief, it’s February already! How do these things happen so fast? Well, I don’t suppose it matters.

Anyway, in January the narrator of PECOS VALLEY DIAMOND! It’ll be available sometime or other on I’ll be sure to let everyone know when the audiobook is available. Here’s the cover art, courtesy Melissa Alvarez at Book Covers Galore:

Jim Hull, an OLD friend of mine (actually, I’m older than he is, but who’s counting) is putting right along with the narration of SIERRA RANSOM. Here’s Melissa’s cover art for that one:

As for the narrator of my Daisy Gumm Majesty books, I haven’t heard a word. However, the narrator of my Mercy Allcutt books is forging ahead with LOST AMONG THE ANGELS. I don’t have cover art for that one yet. Cover art costs money, y’know?

As for the rest of the month, it wasn’t exactly tippy-top, mainly because two friends from my old folk-dance days died, which is very sad. I don’t like it when friends die.

As for the rest of life, not much has gone on. A childhood friend of mine, Dr. Mary Ray Cate, visited for a couple of days, and that was fun. The two of us go WAY back. She’s leaving to go back home in Santa Fe on Friday, February 2. And I’ll be stuck here in Roswell. Sigh.

Anyhow, I’m going to be giving away copies of FALLEN ANGELS at the end of February. So if you’d like to enter and perhaps win a copy (it won the New Mexico-Arizona Book of the Year Award for Mystery/Suspense, don’tcha know), just send me your name and home address at and I’ll throw your name into the special contest doggie dish. And if you’d like to read the first chapters of any of my books, check ‘em out on my web site:



Carole Price said...

Alice, I love your book cover. I would pick it up in a minute.

Carole Price

Alice Duncan said...

Thanks, Carole!