Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Too Many Books (and a new fence)

Okay, I have too many books. I know, I know. People say you can’t ever have too many books. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. I have too many books. Mind you, I’m talking about books I’ve written. I’ve been in the writing biz for more than twenty years now, have had more than fifty books published, and I have multiple copies of most of them (except my Emma Craig books). I also have a small house and no more space.
So I’m asking people to give me the names and addresses of charitable organizations that might be interested in old but unread, yellowing, historical romances. Most of these books contain sex scenes, although not awfully hot ones, so keep that in mind. Just email me at or message me through Facebook ( Thanks!

As for the fence, here it is in all its shining glory. Mind you, in case you don’t recall, a probable drunk driving a blue Hyundai (2005 or 2006, according to the policeman working—oh, very well, he’s probably not working—the case) took out the fence on the west side of my property in the middle of the night. No one heard a thing, although from the mess made, and the car parts and fence fragments left behind, there must have been a dreadful crash. I mean, why do I pay all these stupid dachshunds if they aren’t going to bark when someone drives into my fence, you know???? However, from the following, you can see the transformation:

Nice, huh? And it only cost me several thousand dollars. Sigh.

Anyway, the month of April was filled to the brim with medical appointments, procedures, eye appointments, laser treatments, etc., and my vision is once more as good as it ever was, which is pretty bad, but at least I can see through my glasses again. And I also know that my feeling lousy all the time and other problems (which I won’t go in to because they’re kinda gross) were caused by diverticulosis and esophagitis, and I’m being treated for both conditions and feel marginally better. Mind you, because of these two new things wrong with me, I can’t take Ibuprofen for back pain, so my back hurts like the devil all day, every day, but one can’t have everything, I guess. As soon as my guts are under control, I’ll begin physical therapy in the hope I’ll be given an exercise program that will, with luck (which I don’t have much of) reduce my back pain.

April also saw the publication of a Daisy Gumm Majesty mystery (SPIRITS ONSTAGE), in which Daisy gets to play the role of the mean and nasty Katisha in Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado, and solve a murder or three. THANKSGIVING ANGELS, in which Mercedes Louise "Mercy" Allcutt is forced by her parents to spend Thanksgiving week with them in their new mansion in Pasadena, was also published in April. Poor Mercy. Not only is she subject to her overbearing mother’s snide comments, but she also witnesses a pretty gruesome murder (which she then manages to solve in spite of herself).

Here are the book covers and links to Amazon’s buying pages, but they’re also available on Barnes & Noble:

If you’d like to be entered into this month’s contest, during which I’ll be giving away a couple of copies each of THANKSGIVING ANGELS and SPIRITS ONSTAGE, just send me your name and home address at

If you’d like to visit my woefully out-of-date web site, the URL is and if you’re interested in being Facebook friends, please visit



Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Alice,

Needless to say I am a big fan of your writing. It's hard to know where to donate books. I seem to be collecting quite a few myself.

Alice Duncan said...

Oh, yeah, Jacquie. I have more than a hundred books (maybe even 200) that I need to get rid of. The house is being overrun with books. But folks have offered some good suggestions, so I'll figure it out one of these days :-) Thanks!