Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Good Grief!

Another year’s almost over! How’d that happen? I don’t approve. Which makes as much difference as it ever has. Oh, well.

At the end of November, I’ll be giving away audio copies of HUNGRY SPIRITS, read by the lovely and talented Denice Stradling. Bam-Bam, my winner-picking wiener dog, will select winners at the end of the month. The wieners of October’s contest for audio copies of A PERFECT ROMANCE and SWEET CHARITY are too numerous to list here, so I’ll get in touch with each winner individually.

The narrator of THANKSGIVING ANGELS (Darlene Allen, who's also lovely and talented) says she’ll have the book ready by Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Melissa Alvarez (http://bookcoversgalore.com ) couldn’t do this cover for me. After I panicked and asked for suggestions for alternate cover artists, Bonnie Vanak, a dear friend and fellow author, suggested Kim Killion (http://thekilliongroupinc.com/) So I got in touch with Kim, and she created this smashing audiobook cover for THANKSGIVING ANGELS. What’s even better is that this cover goes really well with the other audiobook covers for the Mercy Allcutt series:


And, of course, last month was Halloween, and my adorable great-grandchildren got all dressed up for the occasion. Here they are. Andrew is a Special Operations soldier (his daddy’s been an Army Medic for yonks), and Kasumi is a witch-fairy. Are these children darling, or what? And I’m not the least little bit biased, either:

Um… That’s about it. I’m madly writing another Daisy book, BRUISED SPIRITS, but I’m nowhere near finished with it. With luck and continued health, I might even be able to write another Mercy Allcutt book this year! Not promising anything because you never know what mayhem life will throw at you, but I hope I can.

If you’d like to enter my November contest, please send me an email. I don’t need your home address for this one, ‘cause I’ll use your email address in order to send audio copies.

If you’d like to visit my woefully out-of-date web site, the URL is http://aliceduncan.net/ and if you’re interested in being Facebook friends, please visit https://www.facebook.com/alice.duncan.925




Anonymous said...

Yay! Another Daisy *and* another Mercy book would be lovely! Stay healthy Alice!

Alice Duncan said...

Thanks, Lynne! I'll do my best :-)

Caroline Clemmons said...

Looking forward to another Daisy! Love all your books, but Daisy is my favorite. (Don't tell Mercy as I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings.) Yes, your great-grandchildren are adorable. Must be their genes from you. Hope you stay healthy. We've had a bout of the opposite lately as eldest daughter broke her leg and did a really good (or bad) job of crushing her femur just above the knee. She's getting out of rehab Friday and coming to stay with us for three months, poor girl. The service here is lousy and she's had good care in the hospital. As my sister-in-law says, anytime you think things are going really well...BAM! And I don't mean Bam Bam.

Alice Duncan said...

Yow! So sorry about your daughter. Hope she recovers fully and quickly. Sounds horrible. I know all about horrible service, 'cause I live in Roswell :-)

Allan J. Emerson said...

I always have fun when I visit your blog, Alice. Glad there's another book coming--but your production puts my procrastination to shame!

Alice Duncan said...

Well, I kind of have to keep writing if I want to keep the dogs in kibble. If I could retire, I would. Believe me. Sigh.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Alice,

I always love to read your blogs. You have the best sense of ironic humor which I really appreciate. I am another fan of your novels. Love the "voice" of your main characters. By rights, you should be as famous as Janet Evanovich, your novels are such a pleasure to read.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Cute and interesting post. You're busy!
Good luck and God's Blessings.

Alice Duncan said...

Thanks, Jacquie! I only wish.

And thanks, Pam! Appreciate your popping by.