Thursday, December 31, 2015

Boy, Am I Glad This Year is Over!

2015 wasn’t the best year I’ve ever lived through. For one thing, I was sick during most of it. For another, I lost a beloved dachshund, Bella, who was murdered by Jazzy and Cookie, two of my other hounds—or part-hounds, anyway. And lots of expensive house problems erupted during the year. Gah.

The wieners of UNSETTLED SPIRITS (paper copy) are Holly Huff, Flo Kojima, and Peggy Baker! I’ll send your copies as soon as the snow melts. Right now I’m snowed in. Besides, if I could drive anywhere, I might possibly be able to get to the post office, but none of the grocery stores have food in them. Roswell is 200 miles away from another, larger city. We haven’t had newspaper or mail deliveries since Saturday, December 26. It’s now the 31st, and the FedEx guy (who did manage to get through this morning) says even he’s going to pack it in because the streets are so treacherous. Roswell doesn’t have snowplows. Sigh.

Anyway, all is not horribly bad. In fact, I’m really happy that my daughter and son-in-law, Anni and Razmik Avanesian, are here, and they’re fixing up my house! Well, they will continue to do so if the snow melts enough for them to get to Home Depot. And if Home Depot has anything in it. They went to a grocery store yesterday, and there were no potatoes of any kind, no meat, and no green onions, which I wanted for a chicken dish I’m making today.

Piddle on the snow. My dogs have been piddling on the snow, for sure. At the moment, it’s kind of a block of ice out there. It’ll probably melt a bit and then freeze again. According to the weather gurus, the air is too cold for the snow to melt, and the air is cold because there’s so much snow on the ground. And there you have it!

Interesting story about Razmik (I don’t think he’ll mind my telling it). He’s an Armenian from Iran. Armenians are culturally Christian, and when Iran because a Muslim theocracy, it ceased being a good place for Christians to live. Therefore, Raz and his family had to learn how to do everything, from building buildings and repairing stuff to cooking over open flames. Eventually they all got out except for one of his sisters, who still lives there.

Personally, I don’t want to live in a Christian theocracy any more than I want to live in a Muslim theocracy. Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they chose to separate the church from the state.

For the month of January, 2016, I’ll be giving away audio copies of THANKSGIVING ANGELS! Whee! If you’d like to win an audio copy of THANKSGIVING ANGELS, please send me an email at

And here, for your visual pleasure, are pictures of our snow! This is more snow than Roswell’s ever had in its life. Go figure.

This was taken from my front door. You can't see the walkway, the porch steps, the street, or the cross street. Still looks like that today.

And this was taken from my back porch. The doggies have trampled a piddle patch for themselves.

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Lelia Taylor said...

Yes, some of us had a very bad 2015 indeed and I, for one, am glad it's over at last. My sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved Bella, especially in such a manner. You should take comfort in knowing that she was happy with you and you made her new life a wonder compared to her beginnings.

Here's hoping the snow has melted enough for the wagon trains to make it to Roswell!


Alice Duncan said...

Thanks, Lelia! I managed to get to a furniture store a few blocks away from me and buy a new sofa and chair. Maybe it ought to snow again, 'cause it'd save me money. Not really. I'm delighted with the work my daughter and her husband have done around the house. The snow interfered with a lot of stuff they had planned to do, but they promised to come back again, bless them.

Thanks for the condolences on Bella. My heart still squishes when I think about her. She didn't deserve that. She was a sweet, sweet dog who had a wretched start in life. I guess I gave her four or five good years, but oh, man, it was rough at the end. Must go now or I'll start crying.

Unknown said...

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