Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Yay for October

The reason I’m yaying for October is ‘cause I get to visit California and see my friends and kids and one of my grandsons. In order to see the other grandson and his wife and children, I’ll have to go to North Carolina, which is considerably farther from Roswell, New Mexico, than California is. I aim to take a good picture of the house in which Daisy and her family live while I’m in Pasadena.

September was a pretty good month for yours truly, if you discount the fact that the physical therapist tried to kill me. With needles. Took me nearly a month to recover from his “dry needling” of my left glute, dang it, and he set my for-the-back-pain exercises back a long, dreary way. However, I can now walk the wieners and do exercises again (whoopee, but you gotta do what you gotta do).

I’ll get in touch with the folks who won copies of books in September in individual e-mails. If you’d like to enter October’s contest, I’ll be giving away audio copies of ANCIENT SPIRITS, in which Daisy Gumm Majesty and Harold Kincaid travel to Egypt and Turkey because everyone (except Daisy) thinks the trip will help heal her grief over losing her husband, Billy. Naturally, things go wrong, but Sam Rotondo rushes to Turkey and tries to save the day. He doesn’t quite succeed, but the day is saved anyway. Here’s the audio cover for ANCIENT SPIRITS, which is remarkably akin to the e-book and paperback cover for the same book. There’s even a link if you’re burning to hear it and don’t want to wait to see if you’ve won a copy. Denice Stradling, who’s narrated all of my Daisy books so far, does a terrific job, as usual, on this one:


 Another good thing happened in September. My wonderful publisher, ePublishing Works, has begun selling hardback copies of some of their books. Included in this hardback experiment is my latest Daisy book, BRUISED SPIRITS. I’m particularly fond of BRUISED SPIRITS, because it’s based on a real, live woman’s story (her story is extremely grim, by the way). The book deals with spousal abuse and kidnapped-for-the-sex-trade children. I have absolutely no idea how I can write funny books about stuff like that. Guess it’s a gift, if an odd one. If you have a special need for hardback copies of my books, you might be interested in this one:
Naturally, since hardbacks are expensive, feel free to purchase the e-book or the paperback. I’m not greedy. Much.

Oh! And if you’ve ever wondered what the White side-treadle sewing machine on which Daisy makes all of her clothes looks like, here it is. This is my machine, and I actually used to sew clothes on it for my daughters and me:
In the meantime, I’ve been madly editing Frontier Fiction books for Five Star and been having a whale of a time doing it. I love editing. It’s ever so much easier than writing, although I wish I had more time to write. But one has to earn a living for oneself and one’s hounds, don’t you know. I’ve been able to edit for some wonderful western authors and consider myself privileged because of it.
One of these days, however, I must finish the next Daisy book, SPIRITS UNITED (in which I murder a librarian, but only because Lynne Welch, former RWA Librarian of the Year and overall librarian extraordinaire, asked me to). I will finish it. Promise.
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Thank you!


wyldeflowyr said...

Alice, I'd like to thank you for writing such an entertaining series of books starring Daisy Majesty! I love the characters in your books – all of them are believable, and most of them – except the bag guys – are likable. I love hearing Daisy's voice as she tells her story. Her descriptions of her life, her family, and her friends make them all so real. I just finished "Bruised Spirits", and it was every bit as good a read as I've come to expect. I can hardly wait for the next book to be finished. I love knowing that my limited reading time will be well spent!

Alice Duncan said...

Thank you so much! I'm fond of Daisy myself. In fact, she's my favorite character (of those who have appeared in my brain, I mean).

Beverly Meyers said...

I really hope you finish or have finished "Spirits United". I read "Bruised Sprits" tonight on my Nook which included an excerpt from "Spirits United". I tried to buy the book on my Nook but it was not there! I tracked it down on your ebookdiscovery web site which shows it Coming in Spring 2017. I have enjoyed the Daisy Majesty series.

Alice Duncan said...

I'm sorry, Beverly! Wish I could write faster, but I need to make a living for my hounds and me, and editing does that. Writing is sort of a sideline. If it paid better, maybe I could do it full-time! But SPIRITS UNITED will be out in the springtime. Promise! So glad you enjoy Daisy's adventures!