Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Merry Month of . . . April?
Except for excruciating pain, April wasn’t a bad month taken all in all. I think that’s because I’m so happy to know I’ll get rid of this awful hip pain on May third. Then I’ll be in the hospital and rehab for a couple of weeks, and then my younger daughter, Robin, will wait on me hand and foot. No, no, no. I didn’t mean that. But I won’t be able to bend over until the doctor releases me to do so, and my poor short-legged wiener dogs will have to have someone else place their food dishes on the floor. Except, of course, for Scrappy (he dines on the red chair in the living room) and Bam-Bam (who takes his meals in bed. My bed). Sigh. My dogs aren’t the least bit spoiled.
In April I finished writing BRUISED SPIRITS, and started writing SPIRITS UNITED. Don’t get too excited. The union in this book isn’t Daisy’s and Sam’s, but they’re getting closer and closer to the altar. The old Pasadena Public Library will play a big role in SPIRITS UNITED, because I just murdered a woman in the biography stacks. Mind you, I don’t yet know who she is or who did her in, but I’ll have lots of thinking time to work out the details as my hip heals.
Here’s the cover art for BRUISED SPIRITS. Love these covers!
Other than that, and my as-yet unfulfilled searched for a good sandalwood candle, that pretty much takes care of April.
Therefore, I’ll write no more. Will be in touch in at the end of May, when I hope to heck I’ll be able to tell you my left hip is pain-free. That will be such a blessing. Then we (the doctors and I) will have to deal with my back pain, but one thing at a time, you know?
I’ll communicate individually with everyone who won a copy of the audiobook, GENTEEL SPIRITS. At the end of May, I don’t know what I’ll give away, but I’ll think of something. If you want to enter this indefinite contest, please send me your name and home address. My email address is Thanks!
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Cam said...

Love Daisy Gumm Majesty and all the adventures. Be well, we need you!

Alice Duncan said...

Thank you, Cam! I appreciate the good wishes!